[TV-SHOW] BAROQUE – brq DVD (2004/12/15)


1 Introduction
2 The Childhood [圭] •First Impression Of “圭”
3 The Childhood [怜] •First Impression Of “怜”
4 あなくろフィルム Clip
5 The Childhood [晃] •First Impression Of “晃”
6 The Childhood [万作] •First Impression Of “万作”
7 Nutty A Hermint. Clip
8 Interview At Studio Penta I
9 Live At Shibuya Boxx I
10 Meet With Music [圭]
11 Meet With Music [怜]
12 我伐道 Clip
13 Meet With Music [晃]
14 Meet With Music [万作]
15 Interview At Studio Penta II
16 Live At Shibuya Boxx II
17 Interview At Studio Penta III
18 Butterfly Clip
19 About “怜”
20 About Baroque’s Activity
21 Ila. Clip
22 About Disband I
23 About “晃”
24 About Disband II
25 About “万作”
26 About “圭”
27 Cherry King Clip
28 About Baroque
29 To You
30 Live At Nippon Budokan
31 In Future..



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