[Album] Liquidgram – one, two, three (2016.04.30/MP3/RAR)

The first album of “Liquidgram”, a four-peace band playing mainly around the Shibuya area. It’s full of the band’s individuality, listing from an up-tempo rock number to a sweet ballad. When you listen for the first time, you may be surprised at familiar but totally new rhythm. For the second time, you may bask in the world and flavor of “Liquidgram”. Then, you’ll be getting closer to a further interpretation of the lyrics as you keep on listening. Nice for repeating.

1. ふつうのこと
2. Last Letter
3. 笑顔のスイッチ
4. オレンジの街
5. ガラスケース
6. imagination
7. ペインキラー
8. まごころ



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