[Album] ISSUGI & GRADIS NICE – DAY and NITE (2016.11.02/MP3/RAR)

MONJU、Sick Team、DOWN NORTH CAMPのラッパーとして知られるたISSUGIが、ニューヨーク・ブルックリン在住のプロデューサー、グラディス・ナイスとコラボレートしたアルバム「DAY and NITE」を本日11月2日にリリースした。

この作品にはSick Teamの仲間でもある5lack、MONJUやDOWN NORTH CAMPで共に活動する仙人掌、同じくDOWN NORTH CAMPのメンバーであるKID FRESINO、そしてBESといったMCたちが客演。昨年4月発売のアルバム「UrbanBowl Mixcity」でコラボレートしたDJ SCRATCH NICEもスクラッチで参加している。

If producer, Gladys resident in New York Brooklyn were nice, intellect られるた ISSUGI released collaboration rate album “DAY and NITE” which I did as MONJU, Sick Team, a rapper of NORTH CAMP which fell today on November 2.

MC such as cactus which is active together in 5lack, MONJU which are a friend of Sick Team in this work and downed NORTH CAMP, KID FRESINO which is a member of NORTH CAMP which similarly is downed and BES are guest appearance. DJ SCRATCH NICE which did a collaboration rate in album “UrbanBowl Mixcity” of the release in last April participates by a scratch.

1. Intro Cut by DJ Scratch nice
2. Navy Nubak
3. Flowr (album version)
4. Skit(PM)
5. Time feat. Kid Fresino,5lack Cut by DJ K-flash
6. Heat Haze feat. Mr.Pug
7. How Ya Livin feat. BES
8. Water Point (Remix) Cut by DJ Bress & DJ Shoe
9. Midnite Move feat. 仙人掌
10. Interlude(AM)
11. Nite Strings
12. Outro (In the evening)



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