[Album] 高本一郎 – Come Again いま、君に逢いたい! (2015.01.21/MP3/RAR)


1. Preludium 1
2. Time stands still
3. Fine knacks for ladies
4. Come again 1
5. Go crystal tears
6. Clear or cloudy
7. Away with these self-loving lads
8. Can she excuse my wrongs?
9. Twenty ways upon the bells
10. Come again 2
11. Sorrow stay
12. Preludium 2
13. Tarleton’s riserrectione
14. Beyond the journey
15. Mr.Dowland midnight
16. Lilly burlero
17. Lady Laiton’s almain
18. By beauteous softness
19. Now, oh now I needs must part
20. Have you seen the bright lily grow?



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