[Album] 戯画 ベストアルバム GIGA BEST ALBUM (2018.03.30/MP3/RAR)

Cute Style/Disc 1/01. 恋のプロセス
Cute Style/Disc 1/02. 恋する時間
Cute Style/Disc 1/03. 恋空
Cute Style/Disc 1/04. Snowing Love
Cute Style/Disc 1/05. My Sphere
Cute Style/Disc 1/06. 青空に架けるキャンバス
Cute Style/Disc 1/07. True Distance
Cute Style/Disc 1/08. 4 seasons
Cute Style/Disc 1/09. One Kiss One Love
Cute Style/Disc 1/10. Snow Symphony
Cute Style/Disc 1/11. ANNIVERSARY
Cute Style/Disc 1/12. Sakura Fanfare
Cute Style/Disc 1/13. 未来
Cute Style/Disc 1/14. Vivid Affection
Cute Style/Disc 2/01. asxsist ~甘えベタな私なりに~
Cute Style/Disc 2/02. True feelings
Cute Style/Disc 2/03. LOVExPHASE
Cute Style/Disc 2/04. My Place
Cute Style/Disc 2/05. LOVELY HEART
Cute Style/Disc 2/06. Beginning Moment
Cute Style/Disc 2/07. 始まりの日
Cute Style/Disc 2/08. thyme
Cute Style/Disc 2/09. SAKURA☆風味
Cute Style/Disc 2/10. とびきりスマイル
Cute Style/Disc 2/11. ColorfullxSMILE!
Cute Style/Disc 2/12. Lilies Line
Cool Style/Disc 1/01. Adolescence Locator
Cool Style/Disc 1/02. Aim~we can do all to be fine~
Cool Style/Disc 1/03. Another Reality
Cool Style/Disc 1/04. Connect New World
Cool Style/Disc 1/05. Lies and Truth
Cool Style/Disc 1/06. Utopia
Cool Style/Disc 1/07. Unite + reactioN
Cool Style/Disc 1/08. Identity
Cool Style/Disc 1/09. U
Cool Style/Disc 1/10. Last Engaged.
Cool Style/Disc 1/11. HIGHVISION
Cool Style/Disc 2/01. real-Reality
Cool Style/Disc 2/02. Sign of Suspicion
Cool Style/Disc 2/03. Reboot oN/↓0
Cool Style/Disc 2/04. WING OF ZERO
Cool Style/Disc 2/05. 楽園のメタファー
Cool Style/Disc 2/06. B-Connected
Cool Style/Disc 2/07. jihad
Cool Style/Disc 2/08. Restoration ~沈黙の空~
Cool Style/Disc 2/09. Face of Fact
Cool Style/Disc 2/10. CRISIS BEAT
Cool Style/Disc 2/11. Divine
Cool Style/Disc 2/12. Fatally
Cool Style/Disc 2/13. We Survive
Passion Style/Disc 1/01. allegretto ~そらときみ~
Passion Style/Disc 1/02. Pieces
Passion Style/Disc 1/03. さよならのかわりに
Passion Style/Disc 1/04. Leaf ticket
Passion Style/Disc 1/05. つまんない恋
Passion Style/Disc 1/06. Cream+Mint
Passion Style/Disc 1/07. Vanille Rouge -ヴァニーユ・ルージュ-
Passion Style/Disc 1/08. あちちな夏の物語
Passion Style/Disc 1/09. らぶらぶ☆れぼるーしょんなう!
Passion Style/Disc 1/10. 空に咲く
Passion Style/Disc 1/11. アルカディア・パレード
Passion Style/Disc 1/12. プリンセス・フィナーレ
Passion Style/Disc 2/01. pile up HURRICANE!
Passion Style/Disc 2/02. 明日へ踏み出す僕らの詩
Passion Style/Disc 2/03. I need magic ~解けないマジ★キュン~
Passion Style/Disc 2/04. きゅるるんKissでジャンボ♪♪
Passion Style/Disc 2/05. さくらんぼキッス ~爆発だも~ん~
Passion Style/Disc 2/06. ふれあ☆こんぷれっくす
Passion Style/Disc 2/07. Just BE With You
Passion Style/Disc 2/08. ふぉ~ちゅっ☆ブレッド
Passion Style/Disc 2/09. ちゅい~ん
Passion Style/Disc 2/10. らずべりー
Passion Style/Disc 2/11. ぷるるん・ハート
Passion Style/Disc 2/12. DO☆キュン!!
Passion Style/Disc 2/13. げっちゅきっちゅSummer



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