[Album] 大西 順子 – Tea Times (2016.06.22/MP3/RAR)

突然の引退宣言から3年、昨年の東京Jazzで復活。6年振りとなる大西順子のソロ・アルバム。今回は王道モダンジャズの大西のピアノを菊地成孔が調理、今までにないアシッド感とモダンジャズとの共演が実現 ! SACDハイブリッド仕様。

It is revived in Tokyo Jazz of the last year for three years by sudden retirement declaration. A solo album of Junko Onishi becoming the swing for six years. Costarring with a feeling of acid and the modern jazz that Shigeru Kikuchi hole cooks a piano of Onishi of the royal road modern jazz this time, and are unprecedented is an SACD hybrid specification realization.

1. Tea Time 2
2. Blackberry
3. Tea Time 1
4. Chromatic Universe
5. GL/JM
6. The Intersection
7. Caroline Champtier
8. Malcolm Vibraphone X ft N/K OMSB
9. U Know ft OMSB JUMA 矢幅歩 吉田沙良
10. Fetish



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