[Album] チッツ – 出番のないひと (2016.11.09/MP3/RAR)




Strap in and hold on for dear life and you might make thru Chittsu’s “Deban no nai hito.”

This carnival rock track is playful and slightly terrifying. Like the guy on the roller coaster filming himself as he screams mouth agape, that guitar riff will end up mocking you and rattling your brain.

Chittsu is releasing their second album on 11.9.2016 at CDJapan also called Deban no nai hito.

Their blog explores the band’s musical history and you can see their previous works. It seems like these guys don’t take themselves very seriously at all.

1. 出番のない人
2. もう、しんどBAD
3. チャンピオン
4. 肉まん
5. 地下1000階
6. パワー脱臭
7. おはよう
8. キャロル
9. ずっとモーニング
10. 明日のこと



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