[Album] ザ・クロマニヨンズ – BIMBOROLL (2016.11.02/MP3/RAR)



またアルバム発売後には、全国ツアー「ザ・クロマニヨンズ TOUR BIMBOROLL 2016-2017」の開催も決定。11月17日の長野・NAGANO CLUB JUNK BOXを皮切りに、およそ半年をかけて計56公演が行われる。

It was decided that The Cro-magnons’s released new album “BIMBOROLL” on November 2.

To this product becoming the original album of the tenth piece in total, it is collecting with 12 pieces including a new single “racketeer lock” waiting by release on September 14. Like a past album, the analog board becomes the release at the same time, too.

In addition, after the album release, the holding of national tour “The Cro-magnons’s TOUR BIMBOROLL 2016-2017” is decided, too. The Cro-magnons quite take a half year, and, with Nagano, NAGANO CLUB JUNK BOX of November 17 as a start, 56 performances in total are carried out.

1. ペテン師ロック
2. マキシマム
3. ピート
4. おれ今日バイク
5. デトマソパンテーラを見た
6. ナイアガラ
7. もれている
8. 誰がために
9. モーリー・モーリー
10. 焼芋
11. 光線銃
12. 12



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